Mencari Bahagia Yang Hakiki!

Sekali sekala kita tukar ke bahasa kedua dan ketiga pula...

Anda bahagia ataupun tak bahagia?

Where to find happiness?

Does true happiness (my brothers and sisters) happen to a person when he finds all what he wishes for from enjoyments? there another concept for 'HAPPINESS'?

Let's have a look at someone who had all kinds of enjoyments there is!

Elvis Presley...a handsome guy...who was pleasured by good health and lively body. He was extremely rich, had as many women as he wants, and had a wife from the most beautiful women of that era!

Elvis Presley (my brother and sisters) owned the world and what's in it...and even though he had all these enjoyments, do you know how this legend died?

Elvis Presley died in the toilet of his house from an excessive amount of drugs. And everyone who reads the biography of this man knows that he was not happy in his life,but was cheerless full of sadness and depression.

The problem of Elvis Presley (my brothers and sisters) and the problem of a lot of us is that we look for happiness in the wrong places!

The guy believes, if he got to know a specific girl, he will be the happiest person.

And the businessman believes that if he succeeded in a certain business, he will be the happiest man.

And the girl believes, if she gotmarried to a particular man, she will be the happiest girl!

All of us look for happiness in these places outside of ourselves. And everyone knows that if we have found what were we looking for, we will then start having some feelings of emptiness, then we start looking for another goal to fill this emptiness!

Although all of the philoshophers, scientist, prophets and all thinkers have unanimously agreed that TRUE HAPPINESS is defined as : AN INNER PEACE, you feel it inside you!

It's a reassurance,an inner peace, you feel it inside you, despite of what's happening around you.

If you want to differentiate between the happy and the unhappy, then look at them in disasters. You'll find that when the happy faces a disaster, he might get sad, and sadness is natural, but he get sad on for only a day or two, then he starts his job in a regular way.

Asfor the unhappy, if he faced a disaster, you'll find him getting depressed, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, and he might stay one year or two in the same situation. His life might get messed up because of this disaster.

So look at them in disasters and you'll know who is the happy and who is the unhappy. Who is the one that has peace inside of him, and who lacksd this peace.

That is why (my brothers and sisters) we find that the holy Quran was repeated in it the word peace and the word reassurance 31 times. Whereas the word 'happiness' wasn't repeated except twice only, and we find it repeated in cases talking about the heaven and the afterlife!

And also, we find that in prayers, we recite peace upon Muhammad and upon the righteous believers within us, and conclude the prayer with 'Peace be Upon You.' Also the islamic greetings is Assalamualaykum (Peace Be Upon You).

Therefore, we find that the main goal for us muslims, is to find this inner peace within ourselves.

One of the best people who expressed this inner peace is Ibn Taimiyyah, and he has a beautiful remark. He says :

"What can my enemies do with me? My paradise is in my heart, it's with me wherever I go. So if my enemies have exiled me, it's ok. (it would be a chance to get to know the wide land of the creator.)

...And my sajd is a recess, (so of they imprisoned me, it's a chance for me to be alone with God to worship him!)

...And in my murder, there is a testimonial to God.

Look at how he was (may Allah be content with him) altering ordeals chances by his inner peace that was filling his chest.

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