Red Tide in KK

Forwarded for our info.

To all, some sharing.. very important for those attached at projects nearby KK and attending meeting in KK in the near future J

Jabatan Perikanan Sabah had issued a warning to all on the Red Tide phenomena at KK shoreline, where this is caused by Red Tide is caused by a "population explosion" of toxic, naturally occurring mircroscopic plankton (specifically a subgroup known as dinoflagellates). During this period, all must avoid consumption of any type of marine shell fish or bivalves immediately. These include sea oysters (tiram), mussels (kupang), cockles (kerang), bivalves (remis, dalus, lokan) and any type of clam-like seafood. Sea life considered safe to eat consists of all types of prawns and crabs including shovel-nosed lobsters, mantis shrimps; all types of coral and deep sea fish, but the guts and gills (insang & organ dalaman) of the fish should be thrown away.

Just a glimpse of how it would look like.. For info, this event was reported almost every year around KK area, some years affected areas extended to Papar and Kuala Penyu. Same event had also happened in Pangkor before..

So mari la berhati2.. As reported, consumption of these poisonous shellfish can cause victim to become paralyzed, and some even death (depends on taxic amount ingested)…

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